UC Berkeley Lunch Poems 2014! Video Update


UPDATE – 10/30/2014

So, just in time to frighten myself and you all, the video was finally posted of the kick-off reading this past September. I’m towards the end, but the entire cast of folks were awesome, especially the Maya Angelou works. Hopefully, it’s worth a watch and a listen. Please forgive flubs and shakiness! The words f*cking nervous doesn’t even come close! 🙂 My only solace is that the older I get, the more I resemble my mother, which makes me smile. It’s been 8 years since she’s gone to the other side, so I hope she’s proud!

Well, after years of saying no way, I took a chance at my first poetry reading. However, keeping with the event’s history and tradition, I didn’t read one of my own. I chose to read two favorite songs by Pearl Jam, as their songs are poetry to me.

Video to come, if it’s not too terribly embarrassing! 🙂

Monroe out 🙂