PBO Visits My Hometown!

Two times in the same year, within a few months of each other, I have the privilege of seeing and hearing my president speak in the Bay Area. Last time, with the generosity of a dear friend, KH, I was even able to meet him. And for those two or three seconds of sincere greetings and handshakes shared, there was magic. I saw what everyone else saw or sees when they meet him, he’s the genuine, stone-cold master! He really cares and wants to get in there, take care of business and make this country better and more than it has ever been. I will keep fighting to help him in this task, but in the end, it helps not just me, but all of us. I’ve long had my fill of the selfish, not caring about your fellow human being attitudes.
Soon, I will post an excerpt of the story about that meeting and the amazing tail of sharing the moment with my Grammy, aunt and besties KD & RL. Hopefully, tonight there will be just as much uplifting moments from and to the crowd of supporters and maybe some shifting in the “right” direction for any non-supporters or on-the-fence voters.

My freedom to write this blog and pursue my dreams of publishing hinge on doing my part in this election and I can only hope others feel the same.


Monroe out:)

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