Pitching Forward

It’s after midnight at RWA 2012 and I’ve had a fantastically full day of workshops and making connections with great potential. Top prizes of the day go to the lovely ladies, Erin Knightley and Poppy Reiffin. Erin is a winner for not only being awesomely generous with her time and expertise on pitching, but fundamentally changing my cynical view of people in general. Total strangers two days ago; she seemed to recognize something in me that called to her to “pay it forward”. She graciously spent some much needed quality time listening and working over my newest novel. And Poppy is just full of WIN for many reasons, but today, she urged me to take a risk and go with confidence in my work.

No matter what happens from here on out, this day has proven that if you take a risk and reach out, the universe can bring incredible people into your life. Thank you ladies, thank you.

Back to the grind tomorrow, so it’s time to sign off.

Monroe out:)

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