NaNoWriMo 2012…

Has been HANDLED!! I happily downloaded my “Winner’s Certificate” last night in the wee hours. This year really kicked my butt (even forcing me to start wearing my reading glasses as prescribed!), and now the editing can begin. It was a weird NaNo month this time around, as not every member of my usual posse got involved, but that left the door open to meeting new writers and that’s always a great thing.

The soundtrack this month was fairly limited, as only a handful of songs allowed my brain the freedom it needed for this year’s NaNo: “Release” by Pearl Jam, “Dead Souls” by Joy Division, “Gorecki” by Lamb, “Angel” by Massive Attack” and “My Love” by Sia. I basically rotated those tracks ad nauseam all month. It was magical!


Here’s a taste: Massive Attack’s “Angel”

Once again, I owe the folks at the Office of Letters and Light a ginormous THANK YOU for allowing my brain to experience 30 days of literary abandon!
Monroe out:)

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